Just as a follow up, thanks to @poolpOrg for pointing the issue: the
provider was blocking port 25 out. I had to request an unblock. And now
everything is smooth :D

Maybe the error message could give a hint: "Network error on destination
MXs. Check if port 25 is not filtered." ?


On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 10:45 PM Oobah Marsu <oobahma...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm humbly asking for help with an issue I have with OpenSMTPD version
> 6.4.0 on OpenBSD 6.4. When sending an email, to **any** recipient, a bunch
> of errors about not finding a route is popping up, and then the "Network
> error on destination MXx" error appears.
> Please see the complete debug log attached to this email. The important
> line being:
> debug: mta_flush([relay:yopmail.com,smtp], 82, "Network error on
> destination MXs")
> 0000000000000000 mta delivery evpid=29cc92341a8fe707 from=<
> oo...@mydomain.example.com> to=<y...@yopmail.com> rcpt=<-> source="-"
> relay="yopmail.com" delay=1m22s result="TempFail" stat="Network error on
> destination MXs"
> I don't get what this error is about, googling doesn't help as most things
> found are very old and irrelevant today, so here I am :)
> It manages to find the correct IP, so it doesn't seem to be a DNS issue.
> Here is the smtpd.conf:
> ----------------------------
> pki carpi.ninja key "/etc/letsencrypt/live/example.com/privkey.pem"
> pki carpi.ninja cert "/etc/letsencrypt/live/example.com/fullchain.pem"
> # aliases table
> table aliases file:/etc/mail/aliases
> # listen directives
> listen on all
> listen on all port 587 hostname example.com tls pki example.com auth
> # send mail to maildir ~/.mail for local accounts in alias table
> action "local" maildir "%{user.directory}/.mail" alias <aliases>
> action "relay" relay
> match from any for domain "example.com" action "local"
> # local
> match for local action "local"
> match auth from any for any action "relay"
> ------------------------
> And here is the route error from attached debug.log file:
> c2725398b04861a3 smtp message address=<REDACTED> msgid=29cc9234 from=<
> oo...@mydomain.example.com> to=<y...@yopmail.com> size=641 ndest=1
> proto=ESMTP
> debug: scheduler: evp:29cc92341a8fe707 scheduled (mta)
> debug: mta: received evp:29cc92341a8fe707 for <y...@yopmail.com>
> debug: mta: draining [relay:yopmail.com,smtp] refcount=1, ntask=1,
> nconnector=0, nconn=0
> debug: mta: querying MX for [relay:yopmail.com,smtp]...
> debug: mta: [relay:yopmail.com,smtp] waiting for MX
> debug: MXs for domain yopmail.com:
> preference 1
> debug: mta: ... got mx (0x14ad25196720, yopmail.com, [relay:yopmail.com
> ,smtp])
> debug: mta: draining [relay:yopmail.com,smtp] refcount=1, ntask=1,
> nconnector=0, nconn=0
> debug: mta: querying source for [relay:yopmail.com,smtp]...
> debug: mta: ... got source for [relay:yopmail.com,smtp]: []
> debug: mta: new [connector:[]->[relay:yopmail.com,smtp],0x10000]
> debug: mta: connecting with [connector:[]->[relay:yopmail.com,smtp],0x0]
> debug: mta-routing: searching new route for [connector:[]->[relay:
> yopmail.com,smtp],0x0]...
> debug: mta-routing: selecting candidate route [] <->
> debug: mta-routing: spawning new connection on [] <->
> debug: mta: 0x14ad1aeea6f0: spawned for relay [relay:yopmail.com,smtp]
> debug: mta: connecting with [connector:[]->[relay:yopmail.com,smtp],0x0]
> debug: mta: cannot use [relay:yopmail.com,smtp] before 2s
> debug: mta-routing: no route available for [connector:[]->[relay:
> yopmail.com,smtp],0x0]: must wait a bit
> debug: mta: retrying to connect on 
> [connector:[]->[relay:yopmail.com,smtp],0x0]
> in 2s...
> debug: mta: draining [relay:yopmail.com,smtp] refcount=3, ntask=1,
> nconnector=1, nconn=1
> debug: mta: scheduling relay [relay:yopmail.com,smtp] in 1s...
> etc…
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, I really love this piece of
> software as it gives me hope of never having to touch postfix or sendmail
> again :p
> Cheers,
> ~oobah

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