I didn't find the right syntax to intercept a mail.

Server (www) => Server opensmtpd (relay) => other server such as gmail

There is spam (along with legitimate mails) coming from the www server and 
opensmtp is relaying them to other mtas such as gmail.
I wanted for a short time period to redirect all mails coming from a specific 
mail address that is relayed by opensmtpd to my mailbox. Unfortunately I 
couldn't find the right way to do so.

accept from source <clients> sender "<www-d...@mydomain2.com>" deliver to 
maildir "/home/mail/mydomain1/myuser/Maildir"

<client> is a table containing the IP of the www server

So this rule doesn't seem to match for some reason.

Do you have an idea ?

PS: Please don't ask me to fix the security hole on the www server, it's 
interesting to know how the answer about the opensmtpd rule

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