On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 03:30:18PM BST, Chris Bennett wrote:
> I was planning on using IMAP with dovecot (not setup yet), but when
> using Maildir and neomutt, the mail gets moved to cur and I can't access
> it from neomutt. Thus I have been losing access to my mailing list older
> parts of threads I really want to see.

Hi Chris,

Not sure if I understand the above correctly but you do *not* access
'cur' - you access the directory where 'cur' resides in. As long
as the MUA supports MAildir properly, you should see your emails.

> Am I setting up neomutt incorrectly?

Impossible to tell without seeing the config file.

> Do I need to use a script to move the thread entries back to new?

Unless I'm missing something, you shouldn't need to.

> I have searched about this, but it seems that few people want to move in
> this direction, but it can be done with a script.
> I'm thinking I have messed up something in configuration.
> Apparently mutt/neomutt can be set to access cur too.
> Any help appreciated,
> Chris Bennett

My guess is that you are simply not looking in the right place.



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