as it's not relatted to opensmtp, i don't know if replying is ok. please
let me know if it wasn't.

  > Here is a basic shell script that works.
  echo "register|report|smtp-in|*"
  echo "register|ready"
  while read -r line;
        echo "$line" >> /tmp/test.txt

are you aware you just missed a use of cat?

  echo "register|report|smtp-in|*"
  echo "register|ready"
  cat >> /tmp/test.txt
> However, the perl and lua equivalents do nothing.

* I don't know about lua but as you used '>>' in your shell script, you
  have to use it in the perl one to get the same behavior.
* also using print FH use the global FH (old school perl)..
  don't do that with serious scripts but you can write:

  use autodie;
  open FH,'>/tmp/test.txt';
    ( "register|report|smtp-in|*\n"
    , "register|ready\n" );
  print FH while <>;


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