it's been a while since my last informative mail to the list and it is a
shame given the amount of work achieved in 2019 so far.

those reading my blog posts are aware of some of the ongoing work that i
mentioned there but since not everyone reads it, here's a quick summary:

1- the filter API is working, minor bugs are being fixed and there are a
   few useful filters already written (though not published yet since we
   have not had a public release with the API contract yet, that's meant
   to be for November).

2- i have a native filter-rspamd about to be completed which is going to
   be solving most of our user requests wrt filters given that rspamd is
   capable of doing dnsbl, greylisting, interfacing with amavisd, do the
   dkim signing and verifying, and spam filtering, everything configured
   directly in rspamd. users that don't want to use rspamd can still use
   other filters dealing with just one subset of the features but I will
   at least be able to say: install filter-rspamd for most requests :-)

3- smtp-out reporting is being worked on and will provide the same level
   of reporting for outgoing connections that we have for incoming ones,
   which is basically complete reporting of all SMTP events.

4- i have been working hard on converting OpenSMTPD to libtls so that it
   is no longer relying on the OpenSSL API for TLS. In the short term it
   means that it will become very hard to run OpenSMTPD with OpenSSL for
   people who were still trying to avoid LibreSSL through local patches,
   but once we've switched to libtls, work can start to create a version
   of libtls that works with OpenSSL, this will keep most complexity out
   of OpenSMTPD and make us work again with OpenSSL without hacks.


Gilles Chehade                                                 @poolpOrg

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