I'm pretty confused on what I need to do to make all of this work. I
want to use IMAP.

So far, my attempts to use Maildir with just OpenSMTPD and neomutt
haven't worked correctly (no dovecot yet). This is just using regular
users and their home folders with Maildir. Mail gets delivered and sent
correctly, but the mailboxes aren't working right.

Dovecot says to use virtual users and Maildir like this:

Ways to set up home directory

The directory layouts for home and mail directories could look like
one of these (in the preferred order):

Mail directory under home, for example:
    home=/var/vmail/domain/user/ mail=/var/vmail/domain/user/mail/

Completely distinct home and mail directories:
    home=/home/virtual/domain/user/ mail=/var/vmail/domain/user/

Home directory under mail, for example:

 Maildir: home=/var/vmail/domain/user/home/ mail=/var/vmail/domain/user/
 mbox: There's really no good and safe way to do it. 
    The home directory is the same as the mail directory. 

If for example:
mail=/var/vmail/domain/user/mail/, set:

mail_home = /var/vmail/%d/%n
mail_location = maildir:~/mail

OK. I've got regular users each getting mail from many sources under
aliases, i.e. from root, webmaster, etc. to one user.
I don't really have any experience with IMAP.
So will a single user be using the IMAP requests to get each one of the
sources that right now are in aliases?

I am having trouble seeing how to pull all three of these pieces of
software together.
I am getting all my mail over SSH right now, but I would prefer to be
able to get it with neomutt directly to my laptop.

I've also seen many references to getting certificates from
Let's Encrypt for mail for both Dovecot and OpenSMTPD using the
same one. How do I do that?

I'm just not sure what documentation I should be using to guide the
process along.
I've got a server setup without any critical email, so I'm not in a
rush to get things working.

Any help apreciated,
Chris Bennett

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