On Jul 22, 2019 8:17 AM, Andreas Karlsson <norrl...@nullbyte.se> wrote:
> On 2019-07-21 18:25, Edgar Pettijohn wrote:
> > Not sure exactly when this started, but I get authentication errors that 
> > require smtpd to be restarted. Here are some logs and other pertinent data.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Edgar
> > 
> Hi,
> Can you check if there are any issues with the connection to the MySQL 
> database during the time of the credentials lookup fails?
> I've had similar issues with Postgresql databases in the past (many 
> OpenSMTPD versions ago) where the psql tcp connection was disconnected 
> due to restarting the psql database. This was not handled well by OpenSMTPD.
> br,
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Maybe something similar. Mysqld is running and double checking the SQL from the 
command line works. Plus dovecot is using the same without error.



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