A reliability issue has been reported yesterday that allows a remote MTA
to crash OpenSMTPD by causing it to hit one of its sanity check and exit
with fatal(). Highly annoying but not dangerous.

On OpenBSD, the issue is fixed in -current and the fix is backported for
OpenBSD 6.4 and OpenBSD 6.5:

   - on current, update your tree and rebuild smtpd or install snapshot
   - on 6.4 or 6.5, running `syspatch` will properly update your smtpd

On other systems, I have just published a new release 6.4.2p1 which only
consists of the previous 6.4.1p1 release but with errata diff applied. I
have updated our website front page to provide the tarball and signature
as direct links.

Alternatively, you can grab the release from our github mirror under the
tag opensmtpd-6.4.2p1:


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