Hi folks,

trying the new smtpd with openssl support on Debian I get the
following error:

Aug  5 18:56:26 mailhost smtpd[712]: warn: Failed to parse smarthost 

Mail is not forwarded, of course.

The config file says

table localnet {, 2001:db8:1f24:b803::/64 }
table secrets file:/etc/secrets
action "relay_somehost" relay host smtp://someh...@mail.somehost.de auth 
<secrets> mail-from "@example.de"
match from src <localnet>       for any         action "relay_somehost"
match from local                for any         action "relay_somehost"

The secrets file is:

somehost postmas...@xxxxx.mail.somehost.de:geheim

AFAICS the syntax follows the man page, so why does it complain?
I don't see it. Every helpful hint is highly appreciated.


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