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I would like to add an extra table in a PostgreSQL database to define domain 
names which I will reject mails from (mostly spam domains) on my OpenBSD 6.5 MX 

For that I would need to add the following query_mailaddr to my 
/etc/mail/postgresql.conf file as documented here 

query_mailaddr SELECT address FROM rejects WHERE address=?

The problem is that I already have a query_mailaddr entry in that file which is 
the following:

query_mailaddr SELECT destination FROM vusers WHERE email = 

and which I need in order to define my valid recipients using the following 
table/match rule:

table recipients postgres:/etc/mail/postgresql.conf
match from any for domain <domains> rcpt-to <recipients> action "relay_amavis"

so, when I start smtpd I get the following error:

domains[19067]: warn: duplicate key query_mailaddr
domains[19067]: fatal: error parsing config file

Does anyone know how I can still achieve that? Maybe with another type of 
"query_" but which one?

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Whilst I have no experience with the new OpenSMTPD, I have my 6.0.3 working with MySQL and 2 separate query_mailaddr (recipients and blacklist). I solved it by simply putting the blacklist query_mailaddr in a separate config file.

table recipients  mysql:/etc/opensmtpd/mysql.conf
table blacklist   mysql:/etc/opensmtpd/mysql-blacklist.conf

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