Hi Gilles,

I'm testing OpenSMTPD on Alpine Linux (musl libc) built from the last
commit from the portable branch [1] and filters don't work.

The filter script gets the following lines on the start of OpenSMTPD:


Right after reading "config|ready" I print the following lines to STDOUT:


No problem so far. But when I send a message via sendmail(1), OpenSMTPD
processes it, but doesn't feed any input to the script. The script is
running and when I kill OpenSMTPD, it's gracefully exited (STDIN  is
closed, the script finishes).

I've even tried to register all the reporters and filters as
filter-rspamd do, i.e. emit exactly the same output, but no change.

My smtpd.conf:

    table aliases file:/etc/smtpd/aliases
    filter "my-filter" proc-exec "/etc/smtpd/filter.sh"
    listen on lo filter "my-filter"

    action "local" mbox alias <aliases>
    match for local action "local"



P.S.: misc+get-04...@opensmtpd.org doesn't work.

On 8/13/19 10:56 PM, gil...@opensmtpd.org wrote:
> Hello,
> I have made available my filter-rspamd for testing:
>     https://github.com/poolpOrg/filter-rspamd
> A port was done for OpenBSD, I'm waiting for okays but OpenBSD users will be 
> able to setup antispam with:
>     pkg_add rspamd filter-rspamd
> and adding the filter bits to smtpd.conf:
>     filter "rspamd" proc-exec "/usr/local/bin/filter-rspamd"
>     listen on ... filter "rspamd"
> I have been running with this filter for a while now, so have other people.
> You need to be running OpenSMTPD from OpenBSD -current or from the Github 
> repository.
> Please test and report !

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