On 8/22/19 10:34 AM, Gilles Chehade wrote:
On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 10:24:30AM +0200, Harald Dunkel wrote:
Hi folks,

would it be possible to set tags on the portable branch as well?
Something like


would do.

This could help alot for creating some kind of "official" source
package for Debian and Fedora/RedHat.

you mean like this ? :-)


{hdunkel@dpcl082:OpenSMTPD (portable) 518} git remote -v
origin  https://github.com/OpenSMTPD/OpenSMTPD.git (fetch)
origin  https://github.com/OpenSMTPD/OpenSMTPD.git (push)
{hdunkel@dpcl082:OpenSMTPD (portable) 519} git checkout opensmtpd-6.4.2p1
error: pathspec 'opensmtpd-6.4.2p1' did not match any file(s) known to git


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