On 05/09/2019 11:33, gil...@poolp.org wrote:
Yes, see the smtpd.conf(5) man page:

filter myreporter proc-exec "/tmp/reporting.sh"

listen on [...] filter myreporter

Ahh, that's what it is now. I looked at the man page looking for "report". :)


September 5, 2019 10:30 AM, "Reio Remma" <r...@mrstuudio.ee> wrote:

On 03/09/2019 21:32, gil...@poolp.org wrote:

September 3, 2019 8:29 PM, "Reio Remma" <r...@mrstuudio.ee> wrote:

On 27.04.2018 12:26, Reio Remma wrote:
Hello all,

I've whipped together a Logwatch script for OpenSMTPD. I've anyone is > 
interested on giving it a
try, it's now at:

Hello! I've now updated the Logwatch script to work with OpenSMTPD 6.6.0 
(current portable).

Good luck,

I wonder why you didn't parse the reporting output though, it would have been 
much much simpler :-)
About that:

proc reporting "/tmp/reporting.sh"
report smtp on reporting

The 2nd line gives smtpd -n a syntax error. Has the syntax changed between your 
post and now? :)


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