definitely rspamd given the message

October 9, 2019 10:41 PM, "Reio Remma" < 
(<>)> wrote:
On 09.10.2019 23:13, Matt Schwartz wrote: Hello List,
I am getting a lot of repeated 421 try again later errors from various lists 
that I am a member of. There is one in particular that is coming from ( Here is 
an excerpt from my /var/log/maillog. I am running OpenBSD 6.6-current #344. 
Oct 9 16:07:53 meow smtpd[19379]: a52386b4311e607e smtp connected 
Oct 9 16:07:53 meow smtpd[19379]: a52386b4311e607e smtp failed-command 
command="DATA" result="421 try again later"
Oct 9 16:07:53 meow smtpd[19379]: a52386b4311e607e smtp disconnected 
Below is my smtpd.conf file: 
pki "mail" cert "/etc/ssl/mail.crt" 
pki "mail" key "/etc/ssl/private/mail.key"

table aliases file:/etc/mail/aliases (javascript:false)
table credentials passwd:/etc/mail/credentials
table extras file:/etc/mail/extras (javascript:false)
table relays file:/etc/mail/relays (javascript:false)
table rejects file:/etc/mail/rejects (javascript:false)
table virtuals file:/etc/mail/virtuals (javascript:false)

filter check_rejects phase connect match rdns regex <rejects> 
disconnect "554 Forbidden"
filter check_rdns phase connect match !rdns 
disconnect "554 No Reverse DNS Configured"
filter rspamd proc-exec "filter-rspamd"

listen on lo filter rspamd
listen on egress tls pki "mail" hostname " 
filter {check_rejects, check_rdns, rspamd}
listen on egress port submission tls-require pki "mail" hostname 
" (" 
auth <credentials> filter {check_rejects, check_rdns, rspamd}

action "local_mail" mbox alias <aliases>
action "virtual_mail" maildir "/var/vmail/%{dest.domain}/%{dest.user}" junk 
virtual <virtuals>
action "outbound" relay

match for local action "local_mail"
match !from src <relays> mail-from " (" 
match from any for domain " (" action 
match auth from any for any action "outbound"
match for any action "outbound" 
I am out of ideas with which to troubleshoot. I am already running smtpd with 
-v switch for more verbosity. 
Greylisting at work?

Good luck,

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