Docker build of portable branch is broken, and has been for a while
now. I discovered this while trying to test out Gilles' rspamd plugin,
which requires latest 6.6 version

I am not a C developer, but from the error it a bit of googling it
looks like stuff from openbsd-compat/ is conflicting with some system

I did some bisecting and last good commit (in regards of Dockerfile ) 
which was a while ago.

> Commit 9f6b7cc1b14624f919a6a9d7ac5a2ded002b2707
> Author: Arthur Moore <>
> Date:   Wed Feb 20 22:20:56 2019 -0500
>    Add an automated test to check if TLS certificates work
>    This should allow Docker Hub to act as a CI platform.

Github Actions CI seems to be working fine, but it uses ubuntu, not
alpine.  I am happy to help fix/troubleshoot this but I need  guidance
from someone who knows C. I am also interested in building it for
Alpine as I need this for my future work.

Ihor Antonov

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