Hello misc@,

I have released OpenSMTPD 6.6.1p1 yesterday.

The release is very close to 6.6.0p1, it however fixes all known portable 
ranging from OpenSSL vs LibreSSL build or runtime errors to Glibc vs Musl 

If you were using an older version of OpenSMTPD because your disto did not ship 
recent version due to portability issues, this should no longer be the case.

It should be technically possible to build 6.6.1p1 no matter if you're on BSD, 
OSX, on Linux, with an FreeBSD libc, a Glibc, a musl, etc...

If you are a package maintainer and need help, get in touch.

The following page lists package versions:


We hope to see 6.6.1p1 everywhere :-p

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