>> In order to get virtual users working, I've added three lines to the config:
>>> table vusers file:/etc/mail/vusers
>>> action "vusers" maildir junk virtual <vusers>
>>> match from any for domain <domains> rcpt-to virtual <vusers> action "vusers"
> your match rule is not correct, I'm not sure what you want to do:

I want to accept mail for any of my virtual domains, for eMail addresses 
described in the vusers table (which contains a full eMail address 
(us...@example2.com) followed by whitespace, and the local user whose mailbox 
it should be delivered to.  

> - rcpt-to lacks a table parameter, but I'm unsure if it's even needed here
> - virtual <vusers> can't be in the match rule, it must be in your action, 
> which is already the case

I removed these items, and the error went away, but now I get 550 invalid 

I'm sending mail to test...@example2.com (a virtual eMail address at a virtual 
domain, mapped to an existing local user in the vusers table) from my old 
postfix mail server, external-mail-server.example.com.

Maybe I need to change the order of my match commands?

Here's the trace:

5c09782d5c150be6 smtp connected address=xx.xx.xx.xx 
lookup: match "external-mail-server.example.com" as REGEX in table 
static:<dynamic:0> -> false
debug: looking up pki "mail.example.com"
debug: session_start_ssl: switching to SSL
debug: pony: rsae_priv_dec
5c09782d5c150be6 smtp tls ciphers=TLSv1:AES256-SHA:256
smtp: 0x1209188f000: smtp_cert_verify_cb: no-client-cert
debug: smtp: SIZE in MAIL FROM command
expand: 0xf569a012018: expand_insert() called for 
address:test...@example2.com[parent=0x0, rule=0x0]
expand: 0xf569a012018: inserted node 0xf563c563000
expand: lka_expand: address: test...@example2.com [depth=0]
lookup: match "xx.xx.xx.xx" as NETADDR in table static:<anyhost> -> true
lookup: match "example2.com" as DOMAIN in table db:domains -> true
rule #1 matched: match from any for domain domains action local_mail
expand: 0xf569a012018: expand_insert() called for 
username:testing[parent=0xf563c563000, rule=0xf564fc2c380, 
expand: 0xf569a012018: inserted node 0xf5720788000
expand: lka_expand: username: testing [depth=1, sameuser=0]
lookup: lookup "testing" as ALIAS in table static:aliases -> none
lookup: lookup "testing" as USERINFO in table getpwnam:<getpwnam> -> none
expand: lka_expand: user-part does not match system user
expand: 0xf569a012018: clearing expand tree
5c09782d5c150be6 smtp failed-command command="RCPT TO:<test...@example2.com> 
ORCPT=rfc822;test...@example2.com" result="550 Invalid recipient: 
5c09782d5c150be6 smtp disconnected reason=quit

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