Hi, I'm using snmpd with roundcube.

After creating .forward file I apply chmod 400 .forward, so no errors in my 
mail.err log.
Default permissions leads to generating warn in logs:
smtpd[6275]: warn: smtpd: /home/suser/.forward: unsecure file

Content is more or less default:

ad...@mydomain.com        # anything after # is ignored

As the result my mail is not working:

Dec 18 12:54:33 webmail smtpd[6279]: 0000000000000000 mda event=delivery 
evpid=3b98bdcf411c5f9a from=<s...@mydomain.com> to=<ad...@mydomain.com> 
user=suser method=mda delay=3h48m10s result=TempFail stat=Error ("/bin/sh: 1: 
/home/suser/Maildir/.admin/new/: Permission denied")

Thanks in advance

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