Hi there,

I'd be interested to replace my current exim setup (DKIM, SPF, greylisting, bogofilter, spamassassin, pyzor, etc) by opensmtpd.

I am using exim since decades (and am satisfied) now but opensmtpd setup seems more straighforward.

Reading the manual, it seems to me that opensmptd can manage all of this, except that I have trouble to find a way to setup custom anti-spam aliases, similar to the address used to send this mail, composed by arbitrary strings surrounding the relevant user name, sent to a dedicated subdomain.

With exim, it is configured as such :

  debug_print = "R: shopping_catchall for PL0$local_partPL0...@$domain"
  driver = redirect
  local_part_prefix = PL0
  local_part_suffix = PL0*
  domains = spm.rien.pl
  condition = ${if exists{/etc/aliases.d/$domain}}
  data = ${lookup{$local_part}lsearch{/etc/aliases.d/$domain}}
  file_transport = address_file

Basically, it looks for the said arbitrary strings as local_part_prefix and local_part_suffix and that is enough.

Is there any way to do something like this with opensnmtpd ?


Mathieu Roy

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