I am running OpenBSD 6.5 with OpenSMTPD and dovecot and if I send an email to 
an invalid email address, I do not get a bounce back from OpenSMTPD telling me 
that the email address is invalid. So this means I never know that I made a 
mistake in sending my email.

Taking a look at the maillog I can see the following two relevant log entries:

Feb 10 11:28:53 mxa1 smtpd[881]: 3b5195a4c7580b02 smtp envelope 
evpid=3e3d1ac92f3d2922 from=<> to=<u...@domain.com>
Feb 10 11:28:53 mxa1 smtpd[881]: 3b5195a5c52b38dc mda delivery 
evpid=3e3d1ac92f3d2922 from=<> to=<u...@domain.com> rcpt=<u...@domain.com> 
user=vmail delay=0s result=PermFail stat=Error ("mail.lmtp: LMTP server error: 
501 5.5.4 Invalid FROM: Missing domain")
Feb 10 11:28:53 mxa1 smtpd[19533]: warn: queue: no return path!

It simply looks like the From: header in the envelope is not set at all. So I 
was wondering how can I set the From: header in my smtpd.conf config in order 
to solve this issue?


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