Hi Misc

I am using OpenSMTPD 6.6.0 on OpenBSD 6.6 stable

Currently I’m using the tls-require option in order to get mandatory TLS on 
outgoing mail, but with that follows the normal time-out values regarding 
bounce intervals.
Because of greylisting, I’m not sure that adjusting these time-out values is 
the best way around this problem. 

I have tested the scenario with a mailserver which is unable to use TLS, by 
sending mail to mailnesia.com <http://mailnesia.com/>. 
This gives the expected result - "mta event=error reason=TLS required but not 
supported by remote host” in the maillog.

My mailserver recognizes when it is unable to continue the delivery due to a 
configuration setting on my mailserver. 
But instead of bouncing the mail immediately, it is queued anyway for later 

Is it possible to enforce outgoing mail to always use TLS - and bounce more or 
less immediately, 
if the sending mailserver registers that the receiving mailserver is unable to 
meet our requirements regarding TLS?

Kind regards

Søren Aurehøj

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