OpenBSD is now supported and tested on OpenBSD 6.6 stable. Install both modules listed below and then just 'use OpenSMTPD::Password qw/newhash checkhash/;' It will automatically detect the XS module and use it.

On 3/18/20 10:29 AM, Edgar Pettijohn wrote:
Just updated the module with a few minor tweaks, mostly just making it more perl like and a few more error checks. Also requires BSD::arc4random to provide random numbers as opposed to the perl builtin rand(). Should make the truly paranoid types happy :) Again it still only works for portable. Plan on adding openbsd support this weekend hopefully. If not sometime soon.

I'm also working on a plack app for adding/deleting users and allowing users to change their passwords. Its still pretty rough, but mostly works. Currently it only supports sql databases. Tested with mariadb, but I think its generic enough that mysql and postgres should work out of the box. If anyone is interested in checking it out let me know. It would really benefit from some html gurus attention.



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