Hi folks,

I was able to setup my OpenSMTPd on my server maybe 1-2 years ago, and everything has been working fine. However, recently the bgp-spamd list that comes down into my bgp settings has not been populating. As far as email everything is still working I just don't get those bgp lists anymore, so they don't go into spamd.

I tried looking at the website but it appears it's not working.

Would anybody want to charge me some money in exchange for helping me figure out my bgp spamd problem?

I will post my config details at the end. I'm using OpenBSD 6.6 and the OpenSMTPd that comes with that version.

Thanks for any advice.


$ smtpd -h
version: OpenSMTPD 6.6.0
usage: smtpd [-dFhnv] [-D macro=value] [-f file] [-P system] [-T trace]

$ uname -r

$ bgpctl show rib community 65066:666
flags: * = Valid, > = Selected, I = via IBGP, A = Announced,
       S = Stale, E = Error
origin validation state: N = not-found, V = valid, ! = invalid
origin: i = IGP, e = EGP, ? = Incomplete

flags ovs destination          gateway          lpref   med aspath origin

$ cat /etc/bgpd.conf
# http://bgp-spamd.net/client/bgpd.html

spamdAS="65066"  # AS id of bgp-spamd server - don't edit this

AS 65000         # editable but 65001 is a sane default
fib-update no      # Mandatory, to not update the local routing table
nexthop qualify via default

group "spamd-bgp" {
        remote-as $spamdAS
        multihop 64
  export none      # Do not send Route Server any information

  # uncomment one
        # us.bgp-spamd.net

        # eu.bgp-spamd.net

  # IPv6 eu.bgp-spamd.net
  neighbor 2a00:15a8:0:100:0:d91f:50aa:1

  # RS

# deny to any
# deny from any

# allow from group "spamd-bgp"

# 'match' is required, to remove entries when routes are withdrawn
match from group "spamd-bgp" community $spamdAS:42  set pftable "bgp-spamd-bypass"
match from group "spamd-bgp" community $spamdAS:666 set pftable "bgp-spamd"

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