According to the help by Martijn and Pete, I have successfully start the 
OpenSMTP server with the modification to smtpd.conf advice by them.

Note that the option "rcpt-to" within the "match options action name" statement 
is valid within 6.6.4 release.

Thank you very much.


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On 4/15/20 11:21 AM, Pete wrote:
> Hey,
>> match from any for rcpt-to <table_recipient> action action_relay
> shouldn't that be:
> match from any for domain mydoain.com rcpt-to <table_recipient> action 
> action_relay
Turns out you're right. I got my versions mixed up. For completeness:
The for rcpt-to <table_recipient> was added by gilles on 2019/11/26.
The 6.6.4 release was released on February 24th, but this was only
a bugfix release.

So the syntax will be valid for the next release.



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