I just added a new /27 server. So I haven't started anything except
local for right now. It's using amd64 -current.
I'm using A records for domain and mail.domain. No problem there.

It has one mail. address assigned right now. Different than domain IP.

What I want to achieve:
1. Use Maildir

2. Use dkimproxy. I will add more domains after getting one setup right.

3. Retrieve mail both locally and remotely. I am using neomutt over SSH
right now, but I'm just not getting the conf file exactly right. Perhaps
using IMAP address instead of the local directories would work better?
Right now it recognizes mailboxes only partially correctly.
This question might be better to ask on neomutt mailing list?

I'm guessing that dovecot will be best for remotely and locally. I
previously used it for mbox quite a while ago over POP3.

4. Use both local and virtual users. So I would like to prepare for the
virtual users part at the start if possible. One step at a time is fine.

As far as DKIM, should I add the signature to the domain or mail.domain?
I have already successfully added to mail.domain elsewhere, but is that
right? dkimproxy man pages suggest just domain part

5. Should I use lmtp?
6. Should I start with files first and move over to postgresql or
straight to postgresql?

I have infinite (almost :-}) patience on this server since not a single
important email will be going to it anytime soon.
I haven't setup spamd yet and I'm unsure that I want to. It seems to
cause me more grief than help. I'm using the opensmtpd filters elsewhere
and they are fantastic!

I also don't have a problem reading code for answers as best as I can.
I also have some filter code from others I need to look at (Thanks

I'm off to read the latest man pages.

Thanks so much for having such excellent software freeing me from the
sendmail nightmare! Tons of work and I love it.

Chris Bennett

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