This is sorta a feature request.  A lot of people use dmarc to check for
incoming mails.  Is there a way to turn off dmarc checking in the smtpd?
This would be valuable for trusted sources such as mailing lists.

Let me give you an example.  I mail 1000 bytes to openbsd-misc and there is
thousands of recipients on that mailing list.  When their software delivers
to these thousands I get a DNS request (I'm predicting 40 bytes in the question,
and no less than 40 bytes in the answer * thousands) that's already a minimum
of 80K bytes DNS traffic generated by a 1K byte mail.

It would be cool if OpenBSD could set a "X-DMARC-VERIFIED" header or something
and based on a policy on every smtpd that receives this no dmarc dns request
is caused.  This would make me very happy.

Is this all technically possible?

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