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> >> I see that everything’s good on OpenBSD thanks to Martijn’s dkim
> filter, but there's no port of it on FreeBSD and my initial efforts to
> create one showed that it’s not a job for a first-time porter.  So I now
> don’t know whether to try looking into milter support for OpenDKIM, or
> revert back to dkimproxy, or maybe even compile and run an old OpenSMTPd
> version like the 6.1 port which works flawlessly on FreeBSD 11.3.
> >
> > I use mail/dkimproxy on FreeBSD and it works great. I followed the
> config template on
> https://poolp.org/posts/2018-05-21/switching-to-opensmtpd-new-config/ and
> it was very simple and straightforward.
> Thanks William, you’re quite right.  I dusted off my old notes for setting
> up dkimproxy and it still works just fine with OpenSMTPd 6.7.1p1 on FreeBSD
> 12.1.   The updated syntax in that link was helpful thank you.
> Of course it still means running a pool of separate proxy processes just
> for DKIM signing which is a step backwards from having a dedicated filter,
> but it’s a much leaner alternative to using rspamd, and in my experience
> much more reliable too.
> When I get some time I’ll have another look at trying to port Martijn’s
> filter from OpenBSD.

With the help of Martijn I managed to port filter-dkimsign for Arch Linux.
To Martijns credit, it was very little effort. It basically meant writing a
Makefile and disabling `pledge` since Linux doesn't have it. I still need
to do more testing, but I'm already much happier without rspamd or other
external daemons doing the signing :-)

The result is available on the AUR [1]. This doesn't directly help for
FreeBSD of course, but it may be useful to look at. For now I compiled
libopensmtpd (including openbsd-compat) and filter-dkimsign into a single
executable for simplicity, but I will probably split that back into a
separate library if/when I port other filters too.

[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/opensmtpd-filter-dkimsign

-- Maarten

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