I found OpenSMTPd's implementation doesn't acknowledge "Resent-" headers.

Short description from Exim's man page:

> If there are any Resent- header lines in the message, Exim extracts 
> recipients from all Resent-To:, Resent-Cc:, and Resent-Bcc: header lines 
> instead of from To:, Cc:, and Bcc:. This is for compatibility with 
> Sendmail and other MTAs. (Prior to release 4.20, Exim gave an error if 
> -t was used in conjunction with Resent- header lines.)

Background: I'm a fan of Alpine's "Bounce" function as it enables me to 
share one or more mails in original form, in position in a thread.

Alpine leaves the hard work to "sendmail -t".

The effect of this is silently disruptive; in moving from Exim to 
OpenSMTPd I've been unwittingly re-sending messages to their original 

It seems there's at least some precedent for this (Exim man page mentions 
RFC2822) -- could this be added to OpenSMTPd?


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