On 8/25/21 2:43 AM, Jack wrote:
Hello list,

I already posted this on the bug tracker of OpenSMTPD, but maybe I'm
doing something wrong in the config and you can help me:

I'm using OpenSTMPD 6.8 portable and want to filter on DNS names or HELO
strings with regular expressions. Therefore I created the following
minified config:


||$ cat /etc/opensmtpd/smptd.conf |table helotable
db:/etc/opensmtpd/helotable.db filter block_helo phase helo match helo
regex <helotable> disconnect "554 Not welcome" listen on filter
{ block_helo } $ cat /etc/opensmtpd/helotable.txt myte.t
|-------------------------------- However the filter block_helo only
matches when someone connects with the verbatim string "HELO myte.t"
(with a dot). As soon as I replace the database entry with a regular
text file, the regex starts to work, ie "HELO mytest" or "HELO mytett"
are matched. How can I use regular expressions in db files? Text files
don't seem to be an option, because they are only read on startup so I
cannot update them on the fly. Thanks in advance. ||

Could you resend with proper line breaks. This is difficult to read.


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