On 4/14/22 14:00, Beau Ford wrote:

On Thu, 14 Apr 2022, Beau Ford wrote:

1) Am I still using my aliases that are defined in:

table aliases file:/usr/local/etc/mail/aliases
action "local_mail" mbox alias <aliases>

... or are those superceded now by the catchall ?

It turns out I am *not* using my aliases anymore and that my rules, as
they are written, are mutually exclusive.

If I order them like this:

    match from any for domain "domain.com" action "local_mail"
    match from any for domain "domain.com" action "catchall"

... then my aliases table is processed, like normal, and the catchall is
ignored.  This makes sense, because the rule matches and it completes -
there is no reason to move on to the catchall address.

Nonexistent addresses (that I hoped to get with the catchall) bomb out
with 550 Invalid recipient.

HOWEVER, if I reverse the order:

    match from any for domain "domain.com" action "catchall"
    match from any for domain "domain.com" action "local_mail"

... then the catch-all works and I lose all of my aliases.  My aliases
table is not used.  Again, makes sense - the first rule matches and


So, how can I say (pseudocode):

match from any person actually a user or in my aliases table action

... which would fail for nonexistent addresses, which is GOOD, and then
successfully move down to the catchall match ?


I recall someone on the list trying to solve this problem awhile back. As I recall they needed to have a copy of all inbound emails saved for some reason or another. I think for their use case they had to run a second postfix instance to handle the catchall. Might be worth traversing the list archives.


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