On 4/17/22 02:46, Tassilo Philipp wrote:
This is very cool, thank you!
One question about the fflush() you mention: I use awk filters a lot and never had any need to explicitly flush, but you probably did. Mind sharing some details on your use case?
Thank you!

I think some versions of awk automagically flush their output stream and others don't. If it doesn't then your filter will get stuck during the handshake stage and never complete.

There is one but I thought of last night and will hopefully get around to fixing soon is that the src and dest should have port numbers something like:

src =>,

dest =>

I overlooked that. It will also solve another problem. If the dest is port 25 then it will skip the auth stages. If its 587 it will do the auth stages. So if you run into an issue with that no need to report it. Currently burnt out on it though. I had it almost complete and then realized a better way and the better way ended up being a complete rewrite.


On Sat, Apr 16, 2022 at 01:04:21PM -0500, Edgar Pettijohn wrote:
I've written a perl script to help test filters. It can be found at:


Its not 100% complete but it should be helpful enough in finding common problems. Such as forgetting fflush() in awk filters or swapping the session id and opaque tokens.

If you run into any problems please send examples of what you expected vs what you got. Or patches would be great.


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