Hello Maksim, Marcus, thank you for your answers.

    Le dimanche 14 août 2022 à 21:02:27 UTC+2, Marcus MERIGHI 
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 Hello Mik, 

mikyde...@yahoo.fr (Mik J), 2022.08.14 (Sun) 05:14 (CEST):
> I have received some mails on my "SMTP2" which is misconfigured and
> mails are stuck in the queue. They look like
> that25eed6a533daaed1|inet4|mda||cxxx....@gmail.com|m...@exxxx.xxx|m...@exxxx.xxx|1660443800|1660443800|0|17|pending|181|"mail.maildir:
> No such file or directory"
> Is there a way to resend them to "SMTP1" ?
> I have tried to add rules such asaction TO-SMTP1 relay host smtp://
> match mail-from " cxxx....@gmail.com" for any action TO-SMTP1
> Or evenaction TO-SMTP1 relay host smtp:// from any for
> any action TO-SMTP1

$ doas find /var/spool/smtpd/ -type f

"message" is, hum, the message. "6e800d911b1d350c" is the control data
of OpenSMTPd: 

$ doas cat /var/spool/smtpd/queue/6e/6e800d91/6e800d911b1d350c
version: 3
dispatcher: outbound    # <= the "action" that was applied
type: mta
smtpname: fifi.foo.bar
helo: localhost
hostname: fifi.foo.bar
sockaddr: local
sender: a...@def.gh
rcpt: i...@lmn.op
dest: i...@lmn.op
ctime: 1660479966
last-try: 0
last-bounce: 0
ttl: 0
retry: 0
flags: authenticated
dsn-notify: 0

With this information, look for the smtpd.conf(5) "action" named "outbound"
and change it to do what you want it to do. Restart smtpd(8) afterwards,
delivery according to your new "action" will start shortly.



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