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• Crystal Kolipe [2023-10-04 13:52]:
On Wed, Oct 04, 2023 at 09:22:00AM +0200, Kirill Miazine wrote:
user, group and chroot arguments for the filter option were not documented

If we're going to document the chroot option, it _might_ be worth adding a
note that the chroot environment needs /bin/sh to be present in order for the
filter to actually be launched.

I don't know if those options which are not documented are not expected to be documented, but at least _user_ and _group_ should be, as they are being used in the official example of a filter.

After reading man pages multiple times, I have some other suggestions, e.g. some increased consistency (e.g. referring to "db" tables in table(5) should use a single term, and not a mix of "Berkeley database", "Berkeley DB" and "dbopen(3)"); and IPv4/IPv6 addresses are mostly being referred to as that, but also as "inet4" and "inet6", cf. table(5), and "inet4" is not even a protocol family...).

This doesn't really affect users who are using exisiting third-party filters,
but if you're writing your own one the error message when /bin/sh is missing
is something along the lines of:

warn: lost processor: foo exited abnormally

... which doesn't give any clue as to what the real problem is.

Indeed! And I saw exactly this mentioned on is very good (via:;sid=20231005080904) -- thanks for that one as well!

-- Kirill

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