On 27.10.2023 02:20, Mik J wrote:
Does anyone knows where I could find an explanation of the different fields in the logs example:34e21ed2c47fe7e3 mta delivery evpid=9765e121d002d97d from=<sen...@senderdomain.org> to=<recei...@example.com> rcpt=<-> source="" relay=" (wb-in-f27.1e100.net)" delay=1s result="Ok" stat="250 2.0.0 OK  1698365590 i10-20020a05600c354a00b003fefa764302si226827wmq.9 - gsmtp"
What is 34e21ed2c47fe7e3

This is the session ID. Log entries with a matching session ID belong to the same connection.

What is 2.0.0and so on

The stat= field in your example shows the SMTP answer string the receiving server sent. The entire string is generated by the other SMTP server.



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