I'd like to share with you an updated version of filter-dnsbl which is
available at

The first changes it doesn't drop connection in case of DNS error when
-m is spcefied, instead it adds header X-Spam: unknown.

The second one is whitelists. It, again, works only with -m. It support
-w before each zone that turns it into whitelist zone. When anything is
found here, it supress X-Spam flag, if DNS error doesn't happened.

How it works. Let assume that we run this filter as:

filter-dnsbl -m \ \ \

When any DNS query returns error it adds: X-Spam: unknown

When any DNS query is matched it adds X-Spam-DNSBL or X-Spam-DNSWL with
value Listed at %s, the last one if -w specified before zone.

And it adds X-Spam: yes only if IP is matched against any of blacklists
and doesn't match against any whitelists.

wbr, Kirill

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