On Sat, 27 Jan 2024 11:26:11 +0100,
Kirill A. Korinsky wrote:
> So, here the question: does it possible make this setup clean, without
> duplicating information?

For example a solution which looks clean from my point of view.

Let assume that the setup is:

  action deliver_lmtp lmtp "/var/dovecot/lmtp" rcpt-to virtual <aliases> 
userbase <credentials>
  match from any for any action deliver_lmtp

where credentials is password-like file with usual format:


and we may use field <uid> as the target user, if it isn't numeric. If no user
specified for a record, or no record after running aliases OpenSMTP should
return: user not exists, without an attempt of LMTP delivery.

This way it should be compatible with dovecot LMTP as well.


wbr, Kirill

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