I've got an odd problem. I'm using smtpd as a relay. Everything works
fine, except, every 2-3 weeks I get the following error (on my local

47b6501430167caa mta error reason=IO Error: certificate verification
failed: certificate has expired

and a few lines down:

result="TempFail" stat="Network error on destination MXs"

Looking at the log on the server:

connected address=my.ip.address host=me.at.myisp

disconnected reason="io-error: handshake failed: error:0A000415:SSL
routines::sslv3 alert certificate expired"

I've dealt with this up until now by restarting opensmtpd on the server
and then eveyrthing is fine again. But, I could do with some help
getting it sorted once and for all. 

Local machine: Linux Mint 21.3
Servers: Debian 12.5

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