DKIM verfication of my emails has been failing for outbound email when
received by other systems. This email contains those signatures. I don't
check DKIM inbound so that's not a concern.

I created DNS entries for both rsa and ed25519 keys.

The public TXT DNS record of dk-rsa-20240404._domainkey and dk-metis-rsa-20240404._domainkey only contain "v=DKIM1".

$ dig +short txt dk-rsa-20240404._domainkey.rbcarleton.net

$ dig +short txt dk-metis-rsa-20240404._domainkey.rbcarleton.net

In regards to metis.rbcarleton.net no TXT records show up at all.

$ dig +short txt dk-metis-rsa-20240404._domainkey.metis.rbcarleton.net

$ dig +short txt dk-metis-ed25519-20240404._domainkey.metis.rbcarleton.net

I've also done some
reading to sanity check my DNS. Any suggestions. I'm kind of

It has to be a problem with your DNS. The public doesn't see what you see/think you have put in.


For when you have fixed your DNS: https://dkimvalidator.com is a nice test.

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