On Wed, 17 Apr 2024 09:48:14 +0200,
Kirill A. Korinsky wrote:
> As simpler solution I see the behaviour for OpenSMTPd to inject MessageId
> (when it missed) or date.
> Or it's bad idea?

After reading the code I see that it should insert Date and MessageId if
client is connected to 587 port[1], in my case it uses 587 port and doesn't
inserted Message-Id nor Date header.

The listers looks like:

  listen on egress port smtps \
         smtps pki mx.catap.net auth <credentials> mask-src filter dkimsign
  listen on egress port submission \
         tls-require pki mx.catap.net auth <credentials> mask-src filter 

and that it uses 587 was just confirmed by tcpdump.


wbr, Kirill

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