Hi Stefan,

This is only for non-UI code, right? Setting IO classes, preferences, 
node descriptors, etc.?

I ask because I doubt what I want to do is possible. Maybe you can tell.
At the start of our app, we create 3 category nodes: Anatomies, ROIs and 
Tracts. Each time a file is loaded, the plugin places the new node in 
the right group, based on a predicate. Of course, without our plugin, 
the groups don't exist and the nodes just pile up in the DM.

If we can 1) access the DM 2) create nodes 3) be warned when there's a 
new node (NodeAdded), then it's perfect. We have other problems, but I'm 
pretty sure we can fix them if we can fix this :)


Le 2016-11-30 à 18:12, Kislinskiy, Stefan a écrit :
> This may not be the answer you are exactly looking for, but you should 
> consider calling your initialization code from the start method of your 
> plugin activator and set the eager policy. See [1,2] for an example.
> Best,
> Stefan
> [1] 
> https://github.com/MITK/MITK/blob/master/Plugins/org.mitk.simulation/manifest_headers.cmake#L6
> [2] 
> https://github.com/MITK/MITK/blob/master/Plugins/org.mitk.simulation/src/internal/org_mitk_simulation_Activator.cpp#L85
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> Betreff: [mitk-users] Force plugin to load
> Hi all,
> I know that we can use Perspective::CreateInitialLayout to ask a plugin
> to be at a specific posion and to open. This is working in MOST cases
> but not all.
> If the user opens another plugin X, stack it on the main plugin, then
> close the program, the app will open with plugin X in front of our main
> plugin, which will be inactive (You may need to do it many times if you
> want to see it. Without --BlueBerry.clean of course). The plugin's
> Activator and the view's constructor won't be called.
> Wathever plugins is in front of our plugin, we need to load it anyway
> because it loads the AUTOLOAD_WITH modules and the constructor of our
> view is doing important stuff. So, is there a way to force a plugin to load?
> Thank you for your time :)
> Nil
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