I am new to MITK . I need to use the MITK library in my Qt(In windows with
MSVC compiler) project for image(MRI) operations.
As per the instructions for building MTIK, I have successfully built the
MITK library  using CMake and VS2015 and created the libraries and
installed in program files.
 Now I want to use the libraries in Qt project.
But I couldn't find the header files(like <mitkStandaloneDataStorage.h
<http://docs.mitk.org/nightly/mitkStandaloneDataStorage_8h.html>>, <
mitkIOUtil.h <http://docs.mitk.org/nightly/mitkIOUtil_8h.html>> which are
included in MITK examples) for MITK in the created library (The dlls and
libs are available).
In my experience in making libraries using CMake,  the created libraries
will contain lib, dll, and header files.
How can I use the libraries in My Qt project?
My understanding from the MITK documentation is that, have to include a
CMake file in my Qt project for including the necessary MITK headers and
Is it right?, if so can anyone help to create the CMake script for my new
Qt project.
If possible please provide an Example.
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