Hi Caspar,

thank you for the answer! I have tried with MITK workbench but I have the same problem and, unfortunately, it seems not due to a specific slice, but on the number of slices I load.

I tested what you suggested in my application with different consecutive slices and everything works fine in [case2] as far as I load less than 560 slices (with 567 it does not always work).

I tested the same thing with the MITK Workbench (with drag and drop): everything works if I load small volumes (<= 280 slices) but this is not the case If I try to load a bigger (even partial) volume (e.g.: the last 500 files or the first 300). In this last case, when selecting the MITK DICOM Reader from the pop-up menu, the same unknown error is returned; whereas, when selecting the "v2 (autoselect)" option the following message appears in the mbilog window:

875.18 core.mod.dicomReader.dicomSeriesreaderhelper ERROR: Out of memory. Cannot load DICOM series: e:\data_lib\mitk\bd-d\ep\include\itk-4.9\itkImportImageContainer.hxx:199: Failed to allocate memory for image.

Any advice (I have 32GB of RAM)? Thank you again!



Le 28/mar/2018 à 18:01, Goch, Caspar Jonas a écrit :
Hi Paolo,

Have you tried loading the same data set with a relatively current MITK build? 
If you drag and drop one of the files (a single file, not all of them, 
otherwise it might try loading it 602 times) and select one of the reader 
choices offered by the pop-up menu, what happens?
If you load only the last 72 slices, does the same error happen (it might be a 
broken slice, so you could potentially narrow it down to a single file)?


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Hi everybody,

I am quite new to MITK and I am trying to develop a standalone application that 
loads a set of dicom images and render it into a stdMultiWidget (the data set I 
am using is composed by 602 slice of
512x512 pixels).

I am using mitk::IOUtil::Load(myFilename, *myDataStorage) and, actually, 
everything works fine if [case1] myFilename is given as an argument to my 
program and I load the data before showing my QtMainWindow where the 
stdMultiWidget is included (exactly as it is done in Step8 of the mitk 

However, it does not work, if [case2] I use the mitk::IOUtil::Load inside a 
callback function (a Qt slot) of a File menu action or a pushButton (in this 
case myFilename is a std::string hard-coded within the callback function). More 
precisely, in [case2] Load is not capable to load the entire 602 slices data 
set, but it does work if the input volume is reduced to the first 540 slices.

I do not know if it can be useful, but I had a look at the memory usage of the 
process and in [case1] my application has a peak of used memory of about 
763.000 K during loading which comes back to 568.000 K after everything has 
been rendered. Whereas in [case2] (when trying to load the whole dataset) the 
memory usage increase till about 592.000 K before the MITK error is thrown. 
Here follows the log of the application with the mentioned error at the end 
(the error showed in the first line appears also in [case1], but in that case 
everything is correctly rendered afterwards):

Wed Mar 28 13:07:27 2018
7.94 core.mod.cest.customtagparser ERROR: Could not parse empty custom dicom 
10.65 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:
10.66 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc: DicomSeriesReader: Loading DICOM 
series 0: Series
10.66 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:   607 'CT' files (CT Image
Storage) loaded into 1 mitk::Image
10.67 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:   multi-frame: No
10.67 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:   reader support: Supported
10.67 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:   pixel spacing type: In Patient
10.68 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:   gantry tilt corrected: No
10.68 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:   3D+t: No
10.68 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc:
20.29 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreader ERROR: Error encountered when loading 
DICOM series:Unknown exception
20.29 core.mod.core.dicomSeriesreaderSvc ERROR: DicomSeriesReader:
Skipping series 0 due to some unspecified error...
20.30 core.mod.core.ioUtil ERROR: Unknown read error occurred reading

Maybe I should use something as mitkDICOMITKSeriesGDCMReader ? The fact is that 
Load seems to recognize the volume, so I am not sure if the problem is the 

Finally, some more details ...  I am using windows 7, mitk 2016.11 with Qt 
5.7.1 and compiling with msvc2013 32 bit.

I hope I was able to explain the issue... any suggestion would be greatly 

Best regards,

Paolo Cabras
Research Engineer
Automatic, Vision and Control Team
ICUBE (UMR 7357 CNRS-Université de Strasbourg)

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Research Engineer
Automatic, Vision and Control Team
ICUBE (UMR 7357 CNRS-Université de Strasbourg)
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