Dear MITK developers,

we are happy to finally announce the release of the MITK 2018.04 beta 
installers. We're looking forward for any feedback and bug reports to improve 
the final release as much as possible.

*For now* there's no news on the homepage, no compiled list of new features and 
resolved bugs, and no compiled migration guide. However, please feel free to 
have a look at our release workboard at In particular, to get an idea of 
the new features and API changes, have a look at (Noteworthy new features since MITK 

The installers should be compatible with:

Windows 7+
Ubuntu 16.04+
macOS HighSierra

Please note that we had a last minute upgrade to Qt 5.11.1. The rendering 
backend uses more modern OpenGL and MITK won't run on very old machines 
anymore. 99% of you shouldn't be affected by this but, for example, I had to 
explicitly enable the Nvidia chip for the MITK Workbench in a 2012 notebook 
that has combined Intel+Nvidia graphics.

Have a nice weekend,
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