Sorry for spamming this list again, I had the feeling that a forum would
not give answers for this :)

So I played around version 11, and setup a 4 skin skin for American Audio
VMS4.1. Everything works perfectly, and now I'm working on the mappings for
4 deck support.
In fact I managed to add the unused "REC" button (we have one both side)
and set it up as a "deck" selector. Lights up and doing all the fancy
Right now all the script handled controls are working with deck changing,
what remained is to move the remaining deck controls into the script, so it
can handle the virtual deck switching (as I call:) )

Sorry, again, long intro.
So my question would be, that as far as I know you will add 4 deck support
into v12. And I'm wondering if anyone was working already on the mappings ?
If not I would be happy to take AA VMS4(.1), as I have one, and I got deep
already in the mapping... Aaaand as I have a half ready thing. Of course
I'm not sure if you planning to change something on the mixxx side or just
adding some new control for the 4 decks and the new sync (which I'm willing
to test too, just I have limited "hobby time... :("  ).

Thanks a lot for the answers, and sorry for the long story time. :) I'm too

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