Hi Everyone!

I'm Viktor from Budapest, Hungary. I was looking for a project on the GSoC
official site, when I have found Mixxx. I'm a second year computer science
student right now. My hobbies include everything that is basically related
to electronic music from DJing to hosting a radio show at the local
station. I'd like to call myself an electronic music enthusiast and this is
the main reason I have found this project really suitable for me. Since I
have learned a ton of things about programming, software development and
even a little bit about digital signal processing in the past years, I
think it's a good time to start working on a project like this.

I cloned Mixxx from GitHub and compiled it successfully yesterday. In the
next days I am planning to get a bit more familiar with the code, even set
up the Qt environment and maybe try to tackle some of the easy bugs.

About the project ideas for GSoC. At first sight the cue point enhancements
have got me. As I saw the wishlist has some open issues related to this
topic, so I will read through these, too. If you have any suggestions about
that, please let me know.

I might overthought this introduction mail. Hope you don't mind!

Best regards,

Viktor Csaba
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