I think there should be a column added to the track table to list what 
(sub)crates each track is in. If you are looking at the tracks that are in a 
crate which has some subcrates, you may want to know which subcrate a track is 
in. It would be confusing if you looked at the tracks in a crate and all its 
subcrates then moved a track into a subcrate but did not see any change in the 
track table. We can save this for later in the project.

Keep in mind, that tracks could be in multiple subcrates of the crate you are 
looking at. So we need a comma separated list or sth there.

I agree, the wildcards are overcomplicated

But searching for Instrumental in Rock should also work via "crate: Rock/Instrumental" I 
think. That's not completely clear from the supplied examples yet, as you used crate: Rock crate: 
Instrumental (what is actually not that intuitive for me, looking for "stuff in 

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