On 170705 15:19:57, Waylon Robertson wrote:
> Hello All, Gramanas:
> How is the nested crates feature coming?
You can check all about the progress here 
I try to keep it updated.

> I'm a dj, living live on the edge, .. that is, im using the master in
> a live enviroment, plus a couple of branches pulled in, (WriteTags and
> Ratings).
> Thank you for the crate filter, excellent work. Looking forward to
> nested crates and smart crates. One problem though, is the ui lock
> time while searching/changing crates. Will it get worse, using smart
> crates, or exactly the same as current?
The way you select crates will change (as described in the wiki), and I am
not currently able to tell if it will be better or the same. I will make a PR
with the work in progress probbably later this week, but it still needs some
time till sore useful results can be made, the code right now has prototype

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