Hello everyone.

In an effort to reduce the number of sites at which one needs to
register for Mixxx's various services, I am in the process of
implementing OpenID Connect wherever possible so you will be able to use
your existing Facebook, Google or GitHub accounts to log in, starting
with the forums and wiki.

Since E-mail address is the unique key for this process, those of you
with multiple accounts that have the same E-mail address on any of our
services will be getting a message from me asking for the user name you
prefer to access the given service. Please respond to that ASAP so we
can cull the duplicates and activate the consolidated login process.

Progress is being tracked in this bug:

Thank you for your time and continued interest in Mixxx!

Sean M. Pappalardo
"D.J. Pegasus"
Mixxx Developer - Controller Specialist

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