What is the minimal required scons version?
README.md does not specify a version.

The reason I'm asking is that appearently nothing states that
src/controllers/dlgcontrollerlearning.h depends (or seems to depend) on
controllers/dlgcontrollerlearning.ui. As a result
dlgcontrollerlearning.cpp is compiled before dlgcontrollerlearning.ui is
processed by moc.

According to the docs at http://scons.org/ there is some support for .ui
files via the "Uic() , env.Uic()" interface. I do not know if that would
also cover dependencies. At least this interface is apparently not used.

Is anyone familiar with scons and can implement proper dependencies to
fix build failures like shown below?


[  136s] In file included from src/controllers/dlgcontrollerlearning.cpp:12:0:
[  136s] src/controllers/dlgcontrollerlearning.h:16:10: fatal error: 
controllers/ui_dlgcontrollerlearning.h: No such file or directory
[  136s]  #include "controllers/ui_dlgcontrollerlearning.h"
[  136s]           ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[  136s] compilation terminated.
[  136s] scons: *** [lin64_build/controllers/dlgcontrollerlearning.o] Error 1

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