I have started organizing Launchpad to get a clear view of the roadmap for 2.2 and beyond. I think we should do this soon after every feature freeze or we will continue to wander aimlessly and risk going 2 years between releases yet again. I think we should pick a few areas to concentrate on for each release. This can help us work together to deliver big features in a polished state when they are first released and not spread ourselves too thin. 2.1 was largely focused on effects, skins, and rewriting the SoundSources. For 2.2, I propose focusing on continuing to develop the effects system and finishing the library redesign.

I have assigned myself to a handful of features for the effects system for 2.2 including saving/restoring chains and mixing chains as sends. These will require implementing some smaller features first that will also pave the way for implementing LV2 and VST effects plugin support in a usable way, which I have tentatively assigned to Mixxx 2.3.

Uwe has already volunteered to get database queries out of the GUI thread and into their own thread. I'm not too clear how big of a project that will be, but I suspect that may be enough for one developer to focus on for 6 months.

Daniel, would you like to take the lead on finishing the library redesign? Of course we will have to come to a consensus on what we want the outcome of the redesign to act like first. I'd like to postpone reviving that discussion at least until we get this situation sorted out with the build servers.

With a redesigned backend and frontend, the library should be in really good shape for 2.2. I am hopeful we can make Mixxx 2.2 the best music library management software we've always wanted. :)

If you would like to contribute but you are not sure what you want to work on, I suggest reading through the backlog of feature requests for some ideas:

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